MEGA-COUPONS are amazing!

I’m in Shock! I received recently a new Mega-Coupon from CouponTigers.


Could you imagine what it was? Nothing less than a Samsung Galaxy Tablet! This is just great!

I’ve a member for 3 months now and just keep on surprising me! Last month I got a Body Shop Skin care kit which was amazing product and now this amazing Mega CouponTigers campaign is just great. I thought it was worth making a review about. it works

Redeeming your coupon you’ll receive if you choose to sign up to this Amazing deal, is simple. The instructions are stated on the coupon you receive; now you won’t have to print it as the magic happens through the Dashboard. You’ll have to add your shipping address and you receive a Verification Code to your address then you insert the code in your dashboard under “settings” and The CouponTigers Team Ship the package! and all new CouponTigers coupons you receive you just claim them and they’ll sent it to the address you verified. So efficient and fast I have to say.

So here I have my new Tablet and I’m enjoying it adding my post to be more active on this blog now that I have better means to do it!


Every Fashionista has to have a Tablet!  Take a look at and give a go!


How to Dress for a Job Interview

If you have a job interview soon and you are a little lost, we recommend reading this post because then we are going to give you some tips on how to dress for a job interview.


Tips to Dress Properly at a Job Interview

1. Find out what is the dress code of the company

Before the interview you have to know the culture of the company thoroughly and know how to dress in it. Something we advise is to call the Human Resources department and ask about their dress code. In this way, you will avoid drawing too much attention.

2. Try your clothes a few days before

I recommend that you do a costume test and practice the interview with the clothes that you intend to wear, as this way, you can check if it is comfortable to walk, to be seated, to move with naturalness … we do not want last minute scares with pants Broken

3. Choose the colors well

Several studies on Human Resources affirm that the best colors to go to a job interview are the blue (synonyms of great capacity of team work), black (denotes leadership) and gray (expresses a great capacity for analysis) while The worst are orange and yellow.

However, in creative departments it is more common to dress in warmer and more striking colors to accentuate the personality of the interviewee. However, you can add those colors more joyful and shocking in small details of the look such as the tie or the print of the shirt.

4. Do not underestimate shoes or socks

For the interview you must invest in good shoes. They do not serve the very used shoes or those that you have so uncomfortable. Well clean shoes are basic for your overall good looks. Similarly, your socks can make the difference between the other candidates for the job.

5. Avoid heavy perfume

Very strong colonies can be annoying for many people, and more for allergy sufferers. Try to avoid very intense fragrances and bet on softer and less recharged colonies. Make moderate use of the perfume and throw it at the pulse points: inside the wrists and behind the ears.

6. Do not forget the accessories

The details make the difference and the accessories like a good belt and a nice watch can show your best face and impression to the interviewer. Avoid excess jewelry and accessories. We recommend a fine and elegant watch that denote professionalism and a black or brown leather belt depending on the look you have chosen.

7. Take care of all the details

Another important point is to take care of your personal hygiene and body language; Shave or shave your beard with a precise and uniform cut, cut your hair if you have too long for your hairstyle, use moisturizers for your facial skin and do not forget to cut your nails. He gives a good handshake, with stiffness and confidence but without squeezing the other person’s hand. Adopt a good posture and do not lose eye contact.

8. Smile

Smiles make us connect and gain the trust of other people


Men look for comfort, quality materials and brand recognition, before the design of a shoe, may yes, but our fashion blog man and luxury believes that both factors can be linked, and we find brands that manage to make a difference Combining them. On the other hand the skin and the suede are the star materials, where the sports shoes is the protagonist of the masculine looks.

We know that footwear can be one of the oldest products of mankind. With an initial purpose of protecting your feet, the shoe has evolved into a symbol of art, creation, trend and design for many … but does it have that meaning for most men?

Men and women see fashion from different perspectives. Men prefer a comfortable shoe with quality materials and well-known brand, in front of the majority of women that their priority is the design. Through its experience with its consumers, Cátia Tomé, representative of Rockport says: “Thanks to the sports technology of our footwear, male consumers dare with more elegant and classic designs. But it is true that the trend of acquiring footwear with sneaker-like sports designs continues to grow. ” Another type of footwear that is predominating in the feet of the Spaniards in recent years is footwear and suede leather. These materials offer more flexibility than others, in addition to providing the “Dress Code Casual” touch that every man wants. That is to say, it is a type of shoe very combinable since it can be fitted with different type of trousers, for someone who looks for a style a little more casual without losing elegance is the perfect choice.
Related image
The globalization and evolution of fashion have given rise to a new profile and masculine tendency, creating infinite possibilities for the most daring.

The footwear sport is no longer solely sporting purpose, becoming the ideal complement of the look both daily and weekend for men. A few years ago it was unthinkable for a man to come with sports shoes to the office. On the other hand, many men now carry them. According to Cátia Tomé, “it is in the sports shoes where the men dare with more showy colors”.


Each of the collections of SUN68 is marked by its philosophy “Rethinking everyday life”, that bets to live the day to day with simplicity and comfort. The world SUN68 revolves around rebel collections and youthful spirit with innovative and unique lines, which renew all seasons creating a brand icon.


For this season SUN68 proposes a collection based on a wide range of colors and different themes:

The Mexican, for lovers of adventure and Tex-Mex; The Urban, addressed to those who seek the distinction and the Far West that moves us to the very distant west. Polos, shorts and sweaters of colorful colors with prints as original as the chili and the mariachi hat that manage to transport us to warm spots typical of the country of the rancheras and tacos. On the other hand, shirts of fresh colors with daring prints encourage us to enjoy every moment. For cooler destinations,

I can’t believe gave me a free box of chocolate!


I stumbled upon and saw this offer for a free Chocolate Box! I kept coming across loads of ads for it and it kept popping up on my Facebook, Instagram, plus other networks I have.  So finally I gave CouponTigers a chance!

It turns out to be a website called that give out free coupons every month.  I decided to give it a go as it looks pretty legit.

I then received an email welcoming me to and they recommend that I share this on Facebook and try to get five friends to sign up too, that way I would get my free chocolate gift Box and that’s what I did. After doing so, I got five friends to sign up and I won my box!

The next step was to claim my item via a link that was provided to me in the email. So as you do I follow the link and there a button that says “confirm order” so I did.

Then it brought me to where I had to fill out some personal information which I didn’t have a problem with because I was so happy that I have won my box!!

After this, I received an email, welcoming me to… And I read that you get new coupon each month. Once you receive login details plus a coupon, you fill in the coupon with relevant information and then send it off with proof of address. I was told I would have to wait 10-14 business days to get it delivered with the address I provided them with. I was pleased to finally receive my chocolate Box!!


The American Crew Review


I like to use the American Crew its Shampoo, Conditioner and body wash all in the same bottle and I think it is awesome! It only cost me $10.00, as it is new not every shop has it but I don’t mind going to a different store to get it as I love it, in my opinion it is one of the best products around for men.

I was using the American Crew Classic but when I saw the American Crew 3 in 1 I just had to try it out, I also use it to shave with so it is like a 4 in 1 for me.

In my opinion it smells nice and lathers pretty well, you don’t have to put any cologne or aftershave as it has a subtle clean sect that you just cannot beat.

There aren’t many products for men that I like using but I this that Nike and American Crew must be the best you can really get as both smell nice.

As a man I like to have soft hair and take care of myself and having products that are 3 in 1 is so much easier for when you’re having a shower to be honest.

I think that this is a great product and that you should give it a go.

The American Crew Shave Review


The American Crew is well known by everybody and is certainly very popular. But today I will be talking about the American Crew Moisturizing Shaving Cream. As you can see it is a tube on 150ml as I am trying it out and this is my experience:

-In my opinion the American Crew Moisturizing Shave Cream as it has a nice herbal smell to it but yet maybe a little artificial. Also you will find that this product is a non-lathering which is great and I prefer this anyway as its easier to shave. When I put this on my legs I found that it is thinly and quite transparently so it was a little difficult to see where I had already shaved. So I had to rely on touch as well as visuals to ensure I didn’t leave any spots!

-I looked at the back of the tube and I starting reading it, it contains aloe juice, bark extracts, clove, peppermint, avocado, and sweet almond oils, also a fragrance with no detail given other than just “partum”! When its in the tube it smells pretty lovely but out of the tube not so much as it doesn’t last very long….

-In my opinion it does its job as a Shaving Cream, also it has a nice and slick feel to it after drying yourself. It’s a lovely functional cream and defiantly moisturizes your skin! The price is decent and well worth trying out.

I recommend you try the American Crew Moisturizing Shaving Cream.

In my next review I will be talking about the American Crew Shampoo.