6 questions about beards you never dared to ask.

  1. How often should you trim your beard?

According to studies, most men will fix their beards once a week. It seems to us a periodicity that is proof of mannerisms. If yours is a shipwrecked look, once a month you can go and shoot.

  1. Shaving very often, is it bad for the skin?

There is no evidence of this. The irritation caused by shaving is temporary and does not leave any kind of sequel. On the other hand, despite the sharpness of the instruments involved in the operation, we do not know any case of a man who has died from the aftermath of a bad shave. On the contrary, at least one death by facial hair is documented: one day in 1567, the Austrian Hans Steininger, famous for his beard of 1.4 meters, tripped over her and broke his neck.

  1. How much does a beard grow?

On average, between 11 and 14 centimeters a year. Although it fluctuates depending on each individual.

  1. Why don’t priests wear a beard?

The Council of Tolosa of 1119 threatened with excommunication all clerics who did not shave their facial hair. For the Church of the Middle Ages, the beard was the representation of sins and was believed to be immoral. Finally, the threat was not consummated. Pope Innocent XII (1615-1700) was the last to dare with a mustache and a knob.

  1. Do women end up getting tired of her boyfriend’s beard?

We do not know if they get tired over time or if some do not like it from the first day, but a study by Remington concludes that half the females try to convince you at some point in your life that you shave.

  1. Is being bearded old-fashioned?

Whether for aesthetic, political or religious reasons, it is estimated that 55% of men around the world wear a beard. So judge for yourself.


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