I can’t believe CouponTigers.com gave me a free box of chocolate!


I stumbled upon www.CouponTigers.com and saw this offer for a free Chocolate Box! I kept coming across loads of ads for it and it kept popping up on my Facebook, Instagram, plus other networks I have.  So finally I gave CouponTigers a chance!

It turns out to be a website called CouponTigers.com that give out free coupons every month.  I decided to give it a go as it looks pretty legit.

I then received an email welcoming me to CouponTigers.com and they recommend that I share this on Facebook and try to get five friends to sign up too, that way I would get my free chocolate gift Box and that’s what I did. After doing so, I got five friends to sign up and I won my box!

The next step was to claim my item via a link that was provided to me in the email. So as you do I follow the link and there a button that says “confirm order” so I did.

Then it brought me to CouponTigers.com where I had to fill out some personal information which I didn’t have a problem with because I was so happy that I have won my box!!

After this, I received an email, welcoming me to CouponTigers.com… And I read that you get new coupon each month. Once you receive login details plus a coupon, you fill in the coupon with relevant information and then send it off with proof of address. I was told I would have to wait 10-14 business days to get it delivered with the address I provided them with. I was pleased to finally receive my chocolate Box!!



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