Men look for comfort, quality materials and brand recognition, before the design of a shoe, may yes, but our fashion blog man and luxury believes that both factors can be linked, and we find brands that manage to make a difference Combining them. On the other hand the skin and the suede are the star materials, where the sports shoes is the protagonist of the masculine looks.

We know that footwear can be one of the oldest products of mankind. With an initial purpose of protecting your feet, the shoe has evolved into a symbol of art, creation, trend and design for many … but does it have that meaning for most men?

Men and women see fashion from different perspectives. Men prefer a comfortable shoe with quality materials and well-known brand, in front of the majority of women that their priority is the design. Through its experience with its consumers, Cátia Tomé, representative of Rockport says: “Thanks to the sports technology of our footwear, male consumers dare with more elegant and classic designs. But it is true that the trend of acquiring footwear with sneaker-like sports designs continues to grow. ” Another type of footwear that is predominating in the feet of the Spaniards in recent years is footwear and suede leather. These materials offer more flexibility than others, in addition to providing the “Dress Code Casual” touch that every man wants. That is to say, it is a type of shoe very combinable since it can be fitted with different type of trousers, for someone who looks for a style a little more casual without losing elegance is the perfect choice.
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The globalization and evolution of fashion have given rise to a new profile and masculine tendency, creating infinite possibilities for the most daring.

The footwear sport is no longer solely sporting purpose, becoming the ideal complement of the look both daily and weekend for men. A few years ago it was unthinkable for a man to come with sports shoes to the office. On the other hand, many men now carry them. According to Cátia Tomé, “it is in the sports shoes where the men dare with more showy colors”.


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