How to Dress for a Job Interview

If you have a job interview soon and you are a little lost, we recommend reading this post because then we are going to give you some tips on how to dress for a job interview.


Tips to Dress Properly at a Job Interview

1. Find out what is the dress code of the company

Before the interview you have to know the culture of the company thoroughly and know how to dress in it. Something we advise is to call the Human Resources department and ask about their dress code. In this way, you will avoid drawing too much attention.

2. Try your clothes a few days before

I recommend that you do a costume test and practice the interview with the clothes that you intend to wear, as this way, you can check if it is comfortable to walk, to be seated, to move with naturalness … we do not want last minute scares with pants Broken

3. Choose the colors well

Several studies on Human Resources affirm that the best colors to go to a job interview are the blue (synonyms of great capacity of team work), black (denotes leadership) and gray (expresses a great capacity for analysis) while The worst are orange and yellow.

However, in creative departments it is more common to dress in warmer and more striking colors to accentuate the personality of the interviewee. However, you can add those colors more joyful and shocking in small details of the look such as the tie or the print of the shirt.

4. Do not underestimate shoes or socks

For the interview you must invest in good shoes. They do not serve the very used shoes or those that you have so uncomfortable. Well clean shoes are basic for your overall good looks. Similarly, your socks can make the difference between the other candidates for the job.

5. Avoid heavy perfume

Very strong colonies can be annoying for many people, and more for allergy sufferers. Try to avoid very intense fragrances and bet on softer and less recharged colonies. Make moderate use of the perfume and throw it at the pulse points: inside the wrists and behind the ears.

6. Do not forget the accessories

The details make the difference and the accessories like a good belt and a nice watch can show your best face and impression to the interviewer. Avoid excess jewelry and accessories. We recommend a fine and elegant watch that denote professionalism and a black or brown leather belt depending on the look you have chosen.

7. Take care of all the details

Another important point is to take care of your personal hygiene and body language; Shave or shave your beard with a precise and uniform cut, cut your hair if you have too long for your hairstyle, use moisturizers for your facial skin and do not forget to cut your nails. He gives a good handshake, with stiffness and confidence but without squeezing the other person’s hand. Adopt a good posture and do not lose eye contact.

8. Smile

Smiles make us connect and gain the trust of other people


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