MEGA-COUPONS are amazing!

I’m in Shock! I received recently a new Mega-Coupon from CouponTigers.


Could you imagine what it was? Nothing less than a Samsung Galaxy Tablet! This is just great!

I’ve a member for 3 months now and just keep on surprising me! Last month I got a Body Shop Skin care kit which was amazing product and now this amazing Mega CouponTigers campaign is just great. I thought it was worth making a review about. it works

Redeeming your coupon you’ll receive if you choose to sign up to this Amazing deal, is simple. The instructions are stated on the coupon you receive; now you won’t have to print it as the magic happens through the Dashboard. You’ll have to add your shipping address and you receive a Verification Code to your address then you insert the code in your dashboard under “settings” and The CouponTigers Team Ship the package! and all new CouponTigers coupons you receive you just claim them and they’ll sent it to the address you verified. So efficient and fast I have to say.

So here I have my new Tablet and I’m enjoying it adding my post to be more active on this blog now that I have better means to do it!


Every Fashionista has to have a Tablet!  Take a look at and give a go!



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