6 questions about beards you never dared to ask.

  1. How often should you trim your beard?

According to studies, most men will fix their beards once a week. It seems to us a periodicity that is proof of mannerisms. If yours is a shipwrecked look, once a month you can go and shoot.

  1. Shaving very often, is it bad for the skin?

There is no evidence of this. The irritation caused by shaving is temporary and does not leave any kind of sequel. On the other hand, despite the sharpness of the instruments involved in the operation, we do not know any case of a man who has died from the aftermath of a bad shave. On the contrary, at least one death by facial hair is documented: one day in 1567, the Austrian Hans Steininger, famous for his beard of 1.4 meters, tripped over her and broke his neck.

  1. How much does a beard grow?

On average, between 11 and 14 centimeters a year. Although it fluctuates depending on each individual.

  1. Why don’t priests wear a beard?

The Council of Tolosa of 1119 threatened with excommunication all clerics who did not shave their facial hair. For the Church of the Middle Ages, the beard was the representation of sins and was believed to be immoral. Finally, the threat was not consummated. Pope Innocent XII (1615-1700) was the last to dare with a mustache and a knob.

  1. Do women end up getting tired of her boyfriend’s beard?

We do not know if they get tired over time or if some do not like it from the first day, but a study by Remington concludes that half the females try to convince you at some point in your life that you shave.

  1. Is being bearded old-fashioned?

Whether for aesthetic, political or religious reasons, it is estimated that 55% of men around the world wear a beard. So judge for yourself.


Fashion for men 2017: Tricks to dress well

The men’s fashion trends for this season are betting on elegance and comfort. The preference for the “retro” style is installed in these proposals, designed for all types of tastes.

The male sex is becoming more interested in dressing well. Fashion has ceased to be the territory of women only, and men break in with force.

Men are becoming more interested in fashion trends and in knowing what clothes they wear each season.

In addition, they consume more and more articles on aesthetics and men’s fashion. Today, instead of turning to a mother, partner or friend to go shopping, they dare to go alone and shape their closet bottom to be fashionable.

In order for these choices to be the most appropriate and accurate for men’s fashion trends, we propose a series of tips to make them look perfect in every moment.

Elegance and comfort
Men look for a style of clothing for every occasion, elegance and comfort being their two strong when trendy. The fashion for men 2016 are always marked by the trousers, garment star.

The most elegant who want to go to fashion should bet on the intense colors when choosing their costumes. The most daring should not hesitate to incorporate pants in egg tones or even in pinks and reds. The color combination is the king in the world of men’s attire.

The sexiest thing about the costumes is the emphasis they make on your back, as well as determining your correct size, because you must be perfect and this you discover by defining that the cut that divides the sleeve and the sac is just over the bone Of the shoulder, that is to say, it should cover you the whole back not a centimeter more in or out.

To know the correct length of the sleeve of your blazer bend the arm to 90 ° and make sure that the fist is just at the wrist and that the shirt protrudes from 1 to 1.5 cms from the sleeve of your blazer.

The correct length
If you want to know the correct length of the blazer, stand straight with your hands straight down and where your thumb is until there will be the point of reference of where your jacket or blazer should arrive. In case you are of short stature you can use the blazer a little above the measurement of the thumb.

If, on the other hand, what is sought in fashion for men is comfort, the protagonist is the cowboy. The total cowboy look is imposed this season for men. The cowboy clothes allow numerous combinations, as shown by the bets of the main designers.

Combination of styles
Vintage and retro styles are the big winners in men’s fashion. The used style garments, while maintaining a chic twist, will be a hit for the man this season. The combination of styles can offer interesting sets such as jeans with a plaid shirt. A look, apparently, traditional, but with a touch of style can become casual.

American Crew Hair Gel Review


As we all know that the American Crew is a very well established brand and this is why I decided to try out their Hair Gel.

I really like the way the American Crew Hair Gel smells and that it has such a firm hold and doesn’t flake at all. I mean it can dry a little stiff but that is fine and you just rough it up a bit once it has all dried in. Also this product is alcohol free so it won’t dry your hair out like other hair gels. Also it fantastic that it is around $20 and 34 ounces and the bottle lasts quite a while!

Also this product is easy to wash out of your hair. In my opinion this is one of the best Hair Gels that are going round and you would be crazy if you didn’t dry it out.